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The Importance of a Wedding DJ: Keeping Guests Dancing + the Evening Flowing

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Sarah of Regalo Design. She mentioned the important role that a DJ plays in a wedding reception. Without the DJ, there is no flow for the evening, no announcer, and no one to choose just the right song to keep your family and friends on the dance floor. In fact, Sarah once experienced a DJ that literally said "I can't read" when she handed him the bridal party list of names to announce. Wow!

A professional, experienced DJ can make or break your reception, which got us thinking about the wedding of Charity and Brett that Brent of Cosmo Creations shared with us. Brent mentioned that Charity and Brett gave him full control of their wedding; they trusted Brent to make sure their wedding reception was fun and lively and let him take the lead on their wedding playlist. Imagine the difference between a reception with no DJ or a less skilled DJ versus a wedding with a quality DJ that is given creative freedom and can gauge the guests and ambiance.  

Keep reading to learn how Cosmo Creations works with couples and his experience with Charity and Brett's wedding.

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What role does a quality DJ play?

I think I speak for all of us at Cosmo Creations when I say that the best part about being the disc jockey at a wedding reception is being able to create a relaxing atmosphere for a couple of hours, allowing the bride and groom to mingle with old friends and family and/or stay on the dance floor from beginning to end! It’s easy to tell when someone is enjoying their self, and that’s what we’re looking for. Our “not so over the top” approach seems to work for our budget friendly brides and also our brides on a bigger budget.

Does it help when a couple give you more freedom over the reception playlist?

Yes, after the couple decides on the “mood” of their wedding reception, the music selection becomes critical. Too often a couple gets wrapped up in trying to please their close friends and forget that they will have a lot of older wedding guests to entertain too (family, co-workers, friends of the family). If we look out at the crowd and the average guest’s age is 45 to 50 and the "must play" songs from the couple are all newer Top 40 songs, chances are we need to open the dance floor with something that will ease the crowd into the Top 40 selections. Depending on the guest, this transition could take several songs, but the goal should be for everyone to have a great time.


brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms


When a bride does allow you to choose all or almost all of her music, how do you decide on what to play? Do you go off of her personality? Do you quiz her on some of her favorite songs? Or do you just pick what's popular?

When meeting with brides we sometimes hear that they want everyone to dance and have a great time, yet their "must play" song list is composed of more somber or obscure selections. Our responsibility as disc jockeys and emcees should be to read the crowd’s reaction and keep the momentum going on the dance floor. Normally we can play 15 songs per hour, so at a 4 hour wedding reception you would only expect to hear about 60 songs. That being said, we feel it’s best when the couple give us a list of all the traditional dances and event songs (like bridal party introduction, cake cutting, etc.) and 5 to 10 must play songs. A "do not play" list is helpful too, especially if either the bride or groom are opposed to certain songs that are very popular or have been over played at wedding in the past. Providing a do not play list will take the guess work out for the disc jockey (all your friends may realize that you hate “Call Me Maybe” but to the DJ it’s still #1 on the charts).

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms


So I guess that Charity and Brett were a dream couple because they valued your expertise and let you lead on the music selection.  

Charity was amazing to work with! It was important to her that everyone dance and have a great time during the reception, so we were on the same page from the beginning. 

What did Charity have to say about Brent?

"He was great to work with- always available, night and day, to answer questions, help with various requests, etc. The music at the reception was a hit. The playlist was great and he kept the party going. Brent was great and we are super happy we chose to work with them." -Charity

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms

brent, cosmo creations, wedding, nashville, dj, vendor, wolf den farms


If you're interested in having a party that all of your guests will enjoy, then make sure you contact Brent at Cosmo Creations and let him know that you heard of him on! Or to see more photos of the dance party, check out Justin's blog.


Many thanks to Justin Wright Photography and Jake Morgan for the video.

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