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Wedding Floral Design Trends & Money-Saving Tips from Enchanted Florist

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The pictures of weddings we feature look almost perfect with the color coordinated flowers and dresses and details. But as lots of you are finding out or have found out, it's a ton of work and considerations that go into that perfection and it's usually best to defer to experts in the wedding industry to help us out a little.

Today we're going one-on-one with floral designer Caprice of Enchanted Florist to ask her a few questions about what's hot with wedding flowers and get a few tips on how you can get the most for your buck.


What color trends can we look forward to seeing this year in weddings?

We are seeing a lot of yellow - yellow and gray, yellow and white, just a lot of yellow!


yellow nashville wedding

With the vintage vibe still being popular, pink is also still big with corals coming on strong.


(Image by Divine Images)


What flowers are easy to get and more affordable in the Spring into the Summer?

The spring is a great time of year. There are many floral choices that can only be gotten in the spring. Peonies, huge this year, are starting to come in, with things like tulips, hyacinth, buttercups, and lilac coming into play. Summer will bring on dahlias and specialty items like celosia.


Peonies mixed with roses, orchids and an assortment of pinks and fucshias. (Image by Enchanted Florist)

With the strong look of vintage chic, this year, the mix of different flowers and textures is huge. Even the choice of softer greens like lambs ear and dusty miller are joining in the looks. Boutonnieres are becoming much more creative, from berries, raw cotton, wheat, even acorns...imagination is your only limit.



A gorgeously rustic bouquet and a unique boutonniere in a wedding Caprice designed flowers for that was featured in Southern Weddings! (Images by Brian Hopkins)

What should a bride keep in mind when budgeting for flowers?

Flower cost completely depends on the type of flowers used. Orchids are always on the top price end, because there are not that many places that they can grow and a single plant can only produce a couple of stems, unlike a rose plant that can produce hundreds of roses. Things like peonies and lilac are more expensive than something like roses, because they are very seasonal and not grown on huge farms, so it goes to supply and demand.

Hydrangeas used to be like this, but because of their huge popularity, now there are growers in South America growing them year round, so their price is coming down a little. I think the trick to any great look and budget is to stay flexible and if you can't afford to use all peonies, then use peonies for your bouquet and then just sprinkle them in here and there for your other flowers.


Orchids - exquisite yet simple but rarer so take that into consideration with decor


Hydrangeaous come in an assortment of colors from white to lighter pinks and blues to these richer hues.

Huge thank you to Caprice for chatting with me! Ashley and I have always agreed that we never cease to be amazed by Enchanted Florist's work. Visit their site at and be sure to bookmark their blog for the most recent weddings for which they're designing florals.

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2 Responses to This Post
Jennifer H says...

Caprice is AMAZING!!!  I was so excited to see her beautiful photo of my wedding bouquet.  Peonies mixed with roses, orchids and an assortment of pinks and fucshias. (Image by Enchanted Florist)  What a fun Tuesday surprise!

Posted on May 24, 2011 @ 12:31pm

Atlanta Florist says...

I really like that wheat boutonniere and I love how creative boutonnieres have become. My friend had a fall wedding and used an autumn leaf and it looked really classy.

Posted on June 8, 2011 @ 3:31pm

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