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Cosmo Creations Brings the Fun with Custom Dance Song & Photo Booth for Rocketown Wedding Reception

Monday, November 26, 2012

Your wedding guests know you put a lot of time into planning your wedding; it's a lot of work. Many will appreciate your stunning venue, your shabby chic design accented with mason jars and chalk boards. But ALL guests - no matter the age or gender - want great food and great fun. Who can help in the area of fun? Your DJ. A quality, well picked DJ will set the tone and determine whether your guests get up and dance and mingle.  

Who you hire really matters. Ask Melissa, an ABG bride who was married in July. She hired Brent of Cosmo Creations to DJ her wedding and after meeting Brent, she and her then fiance decided to hire Cosmo to DJ their reception, create a custom track for their first dance, and provide a photo booth. I chatted with Brent and Melissa to learn more.

custom dance custom music cosmo creations nashville wedding

What is a custom song or modified track?

Brent of Cosmo Creations: A bride and groom ask us to take a standard song that they like and do something different to it. Melissa and Patrick's song was slow, then we faded the song with a record scratch into an upbeat song.

Why would a couple want one?

Cosmo Creations: To add a signature wow factor. During their first dance, all attention is on the couple and they could be nervous. The first dance then cuts into something more fun. Sometimes couples have something choreographed; it loosens them and the bridal party joins. The hard stop of the song with a record scratch catches people off guard and changes the entire vibe.  

Melissa and Patrick were super fun couple. Their song and dance was staged with bridal party but guests thought it was unplanned. Sometimes receptions can feel stuffy but this sort of surprise helps this helps people get loose and have fun faster. It's a great ice breaker. The unexpected twist catches people off guard and generates laughter, changes the mood.

The custom song could also be good for father and daughter dances. The bride and father could start with "My Girl" then scratch to something like "Call Me Maybe", if the bride's dad is willing to let go and have fun.

Why did you select Cosmo Creations for your wedding day? 

Melissa, an ABG bride: We originally heard about Cosmo Creations through the ABG blog and after meeting Brent in person, we knew he was someone we wanted to work with. He provided such a quality product and was so professional that it made the decision easy. He provided both our DJ, photobooth, and custom track services.

The photobooth was another big hit at our wedding and we loved the fact that we were able to go home that night with a copy of the pictures in a nice scrapbook.

Why did you opt for a custom track for your first dance? 

Melissa: Like I said above, we knew we wanted to have a choreographed first dance, but we wanted to start it out with a sweet slow song. The song we chose to start our dance out was “Marry Me” by Train, but we needed a fun way to transition into the surprise portion of our dance, which was “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” by Usher.

Patrick and Melissa's custom dance track, created by Cosmo Creations, along with their custom dance.


Did you create a custom dance too?

Melissa: We did! I found a dance on YouTube to the same song, and we changed it up a little bit. It was so fun! And our Maid of Honor and Best Man were both such great sports. Especially, my Maid of Honor (who is also my sister) since she lives out of town and couldn’t actually learn the dance until 10:00 pm the Thursday night before the wedding!

How did your wedding guests respond when they heard Cosmo's custom track?

Melissa: Everyone seemed pretty surprised! There were lots of cheers in the crowd, and Patrick and I both agreed that the looks on everyone’s faces were priceless

Would you recommend a custom track to other brides?

Melissa: Absolutely! It was so easy. All we had to do was give Cosmo Creations the name of the two songs and where we wanted them to be spliced together. Brent took care of everything!

custom dance custom music cosmo creations nashville weddingcustom dance custom music cosmo creations nashville wedding

Above: Cosmo Creations team - DJ/Emcee + Photo Booth attendant

custom dance custom music cosmo creations nashville wedding

Photos and video by Streetlight Republic.

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