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Naughty + Nice Boudoir Sessions Make the Perfect Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For his birthday, your anniversary or wedding day, you could get him a tie, another DVD/video game/golf club/shirt even his favorite bottle of scotch. But let's face it, there's no better gift for your man than YOU!  Better yet, beautiful, glamorous pictures of you compiled into an album for him to always enjoy when you're not around. 

If that sounds like something you're up for, you'll want to contact Noelle McCoy of McCoy Made and schedule a Boudoir Session with her on July 17th


If you're wondering what it is, Noelle has written a great post on what a boudoir session is like and how to prep for one:

So... You've been toying around with the idea of having a Boudoir Shoot, huh? Well, know that just about every girl I've worked with has stated, "I NEVER thought I'd be doing this!" In other words, you're not alone! So, I thought that from time to time I'd post an idea of how to prepare for your shoot!

One thing I can't stress enough, is to pay attention to the details and have some fun with your outfits! This is not your everyday photo shoot, so why not bring the spice level up a notch!? I worked with Mrs.B a few months back, and she brought along these FABULOUS red boots! Are they not TOTALLY amazing!??! My jaw dropped when I saw them, for real. I had so much fun at this shoot, and the beautiful Mrs.B's now-hubby LOVED his wedding gift.

I also spoke to Noelle and got a bit more helpful information for you!

How would you describe a boudoir session to a girl who's never seen or done one?

A boudoir session is a romantic, classy, sexy shoot - a supermodel shoot. It’s a personal and private gift for your husband or husband to be. The goal is to create this album that’s a classy piece of art to give to your husband/husband-to-be. It pushes confidence in women and hopefully it’ll be an exciting thing to give to your man. it’s a great way for a woman to come in and celebrate how you are today. I see girls get so excited and they end up wanting more pictures than what they get in their album.


Sounds like fun, I think I'd want to lose a few pounds first or tone up!

A lot of people think they have to lose weight first but you should do it as you are. I'll never make you pose where your least favorite "problem area" is showing.  When girls sign up I send them a questionnaire to find out more about what they are comfortable with.  There is no nudity - it’s really classy. I encourage girls to really think outside the box and don’t just show up with something simple. You’re never going to do a shoot like this again or at least not very often. Go get the most glamorous eyelashes! Had a girl come in with thigh high patent leather boots - not something she’d normally wear but it was like a fun costume just for the session.

We had a girl whose husband is a guitarist so we used a guitar as a prop.

So anyone can do this?

None of the girls on my blog are professional models, they're girls like you and me. They are brides-to-be or wives.  All the girls on the blog have given me their permission to share their pictures but I won't ever show your picture unless you give me permission.

Every single girl who's come in for a session has been like, "I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm so glad I did." They come in really timid but leave really confident - I want girls to feel beautiful when they see their pictures and look as confident as they did when they left the session. I coach them through the poses, and I creat an atmosphere in the studio that's relaxed and so the girls feel comfortable.

To book your Boudoir Session with Noelle, give her a call or send her an email. After you confirm your session with her she will send a document your way with details on what to bring, how to visualize your session and she'll also provide a list of her recommended make up and hair stylists who are closer to her studio.


For more details and some gorgeous boudoir session pics, visit the McCoy Made Blog!

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i think this is also one way to help couple strengthen their relationship. thanks for this.

Posted on July 20, 2010 @ 3:36am

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