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End of Year Roundup - Our Favorite Bouquet Designs from 2011 Nashville Weddings

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today's roundup features more favorites from the year - more beautiful work today in flowers, specifically bouquets. The colors would make a rainbow jealous! Check out these gorgeous arrangements put together by the deft, skilled hands of our favorite florists and crafty friends. Enjoy!


 Photo by Ace Photography. Loved and designed by Cedarwood Weddings.

1) Special Touches

If you look carefully at this seemingly classic bouquet by the design team at Cedarwood (yup! Not just a venue!) you might notice the tufts of antique lace tucked into the peonies, ranunculus, and roses. Brilliant.


2) Simply Enchanting

Enchanted Florist lives up to their name with very mesmerizing, consistently beautiful bouquets. We asked Caprice to send us a few of her personal favorites and we have to say the anemone bouquet (below left) is absolutely stunning with the vivid, purple and green centers surrounded by the soft, white petals. The  bouquet on the right is just so soft, dreamy, and vintage - beautiful!


Left: Photo by The Collection. Right: Photo by Ace Photography. Loved and submitted by Caprice of Enchanted Florist.

3) Tres Chic

This loose, Tuscany inspired bouquet looks like they just picked wild flowers and tied them together for a dreamy, natural look. (By Cedarwood).


Photo by Kristyn Hogan. Loved and submitted by Cedarwood

4) Pop of Color

Yellows and whites make for such fun, warm bouquets like this very full, round arrangement also by Cedarwood.


Photo by Brandon Chesbro. Loved and submitted by Cedarwood.

5) Absolutely Unique

This succulent bouquet from Miranda and Grant's wedding (here) reflected the couple's unique personality and style and is kind of arrangement I hope we see more of in 2012.


Photo by Ace Photography. Bouquet by Enchanted Florist. Loved by Megan and Tabitha of ABG

7) Do-It-Yourself Beauty

There wasn't really anything about this wedding we didn't love. The bouquets were hand made by the bride, Jamie, using fabric and are just so cool! See the rest of the wedding details here.



Photo by Pear Image Photography. Bouquet by the bride. Loved by Megan of ABG.

8) Back in Black

While I do love flowers, it's always really cool to see what floral designers can do to kick things up a notch. This next bouquet is unlike anything I've seen before and I would love to see a brides take on this style for a wedding - it's adventurous, it's edgy, and so darned cool. More from the shoot here.


Inspiration Shoot + Photos by Hartz Photographic. Bouquet by Brocade Designs. Loved by Tabitha of ABG.

9) True Blue

More anemones and a beautiful, elegant all-white bouquet for the bride. This is one of Sara's favorites from this Nashville bride's destination wedding in Savannah, GA.


Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography. Loved by Sara of ABG

10) Falling for Fuchsia

The vibrancy of this next bouquet is not to be ignored. Fuchsias, purples, and lavenders are clustered together for a rustic yet chic look for a statement bouquet by Cedarwood. As Sara said "I love the bright colors of this bouquet and how it stands out so well in pictures." See the rest of the beautiful details here.


Photo by The Collection. Floral design by Cedarwood. Loved by Sarah of ABG

10) Red Hot

There's something so sexy about rich reds and blacks. This next bouquet made by GreenFinch Floral Design has black magic roses and red roses with feather accents - VERY awesome.


Photo by Karen Alisa Photography. Floral design by GreenFinch Floral Design. Loved by Sara of ABG

Truth be told, it was hard to just pick a few. Be sure to check out our gallery for more awe-inspiring pictures of floral design and bouquets by our local designers - they're quite breathtaking. Again, if you have any of your own to share, please do send us the pictures on our Facebook page because we firmly believe you can't have too much inspiration!

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