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Oakwood Cleaners Shares Three Things To Do With Your Dress After Your Wedding

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whether your wedding dress continues to hang in a very visible spot in your home as a monument to your wedding day or it’s stashed in your closet taking up a lot of space, it’s likely you’ve wondered a time or two what you should do with your dress post-wedding.

Here’s the thing: You have options.  Here are three:

1) Preserve it.  If you want to keep your wedding dress as an heirloom or pass it down to your daughter one day, it’s best to give it a little TLC.  This means having it cleaned, pressed, and preserved by professionals who specialize in gown care, such as Oakwood Cleaners on White Bridge Road.

2) Sell it or gift it.  If you no longer want to keep your dress, there’s the option of giving it away to a friend or someone who needs a wedding dress, or selling it online.

Don't plan to hang on to your gown?  Click here to learn more about how to properly buy or sell a pre-owned wedding dress or check out or

3) Convert it.  For some brides, getting one wear out of their wedding dress is not enough.  If you’re that type, you can have your wedding dress cleaned and converted into an everyday wear piece, from a bustier to a tea-length, less formal dress, giving new life to the gown you love so much.

We heard the cutest story from Oakwood Cleaners.  A grandma opted to have her wedding gown cleaned and then converted it into small pieces to give as keepsakes to her children.  Love that!

What will you do with your wedding dress after your wedding?  We’re curious to hear!  Write your responses in the comment section below.

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Nashville Artist Turns Your Bridesmaids Into A Character…Glass; Great Gift Idea!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Adding an extravagance to your bridal party doesn’t have to break the bank.  The flare you’re looking for can be something that lasts more than a single day with the Create a Character Bridal Glasses, designed by Jenny D’s Creations.  These glasses are not only a distinguished gift for the entire bridal party, but can be a useful memento for years to come.

These remarkable glasses are handcrafted and cater to the bride or group in question.  Whether it’s gowns, scrubs, or cocktail dresses, Jennifer Davis designs the glasses in a variety of glass types for any special occasion.

“Getting married is one of the most memorable events a couple can experience.  Knowing that I can add excitement in creating such a special gift is a wonderful feeling,” Davis commented.

The bargain glasses are not only designed to fit your tastes, but they come in a variety of styles as well.  The three options include:

$28 per glass with multiple glass types to choose from including champagne, wine, stemless wine, pilsner, and many more.  The character design ends at the bottom of the glass before the stem.

$30 per glass for full length glasses with the stem painted as legs.  This option includes the design of the base of the glass, the character, and real crystal stones as well.

$30 per glass for beer glasses.

Please note: the above cartoon style is no longer available but Jenny can create a style perfect for you!  The photos above were featured at

The Create A Character glasses include the glass itself, a character design, and standard stone replacement for the stones on the stem and those as the character’s jewelry or bridal flowers.  Real crystal stones, the base of the glass, and character are designed to fit your desires.

Adding acrylic white or cream pearls is $2 per glass, while the option to change the way your character is designed, or an “arm replacement” as the creator likes to call it, costs $5 for each change.  The standard design is for the character to have both hands on the hips, bridal characters holding flowers or one hand on the hip with the other holding a wine glass, filled with white, red, or rosé wine.  Changing the way the character’s hands and arms are placed may seem like something that shouldn’t need changing, but imagine if your character is a doctor.  The hands or arms may be designed completely dissimilar to the ordinary creation, and it’s only $5 for that tiny change to make all the difference.  Additional text can also be added to the base or back for an extra $3.50 per glass.

For the benefit of your party’s characters, the ordering must take place 4-5 months in advance to provide the greatest quality.  Jennifer Davis can be contacted via email for ordering information at

This exclusive gift is enough to make any bride swoon, and create an unforgettable addition to the party.  Although grooms glasses are not available at this time, those creations may be obtainable in the near future, according to Davis.

Jennifer Davis is a local Tennessee artist and a mother of two.  Her love for art flourished into the Create A Character design business, backed by a devoted family.  Her journey began when she created glasses for her brother’s wife, which everyone loved, and when she realized she could turn her passion into a lucrative effort that could help her son’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, it was kismet.

Each of her designs is skillfully created to embed themselves in the memory of everyone who sees them.  The ordinary glasses that the wedding industry provides, dubbed with a date or the name of the newlyweds, are a common option among the masses.  These individualistic glasses place an exclusive stamp on the day that should live on, and provide reminiscent, heartwarming qualities for years to come.

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Jessica + Kent Welcome Guests with Idyllic, Backyard Wedding in Nashville’s 12 South

Friday, May 15, 2015

Many couples dream of having an outdoor, intimate wedding in their own back yard! Jessica and Kent Miller went this route because of the meaning their home had to them.  It was where their relationship began. This laid back couple wanted to incorporate special touches of where they grew up, Texas and Michigan, and where they live now in Nashville, TN.  They succeeded in doing just that with their special toast of bourbon and Biscuit Love food truck!

Jessica + Kent
Wedding Date: July 7, 2014
Ceremony Venue: Scarritt-Bennett Wightman Chapel
Reception Venue: Our private residence in 12 South
Guests: 100
Budget: $20,000 – 30,000


Wedding Team
Photographer | Erin Lee Allender, The Collection
Gown | Augusta Jones, purchased from the Bride Room
Bride’s Accessories | Shoes-David Tutera, Earrings-Jenny Packham, necklace: owned prior to wedding
Men’s Attire: Groom | Banana Republic; Groomsmen: variety (personal choice)
Bridesmaids’ Attire | J.Crew Bridesmaids line, varying styles in Newport navy
Hair + Makeup | Babe Beauty Bar (Hillsboro Village)
Stationery | Buchanan Ink
Caterer | Biscuit Love Food Truck
Bakery | Sweet16th Bakery
Florist | Bloom (12 South)
Ceremony Musicians | Friends of the bride
Reception Musicians | Friend of the groom
Rentals | Southern Events (Franklin, TN)
Guest Accommodations | Loews Vanderbilt
Wedding Coordination | Music City Events


Wedding Details

How would you describe your style as a couple?
We are both pretty laid back, but we also wanted to honor the occasion.  We chose traditional styles but with a twist to reflect our own interpretation.  We also wanted the event to include our favorite things about our hometowns (in Texas and Michigan) as well as our new home together (Nashville).

How did you incorporate that style into your wedding?
For the ceremony we wanted somewhere it would feel sacred and give meaning to the vows we were sharing with each other.  After the formality of the ceremony, we wanted to create a celebratory atmosphere where people could really have fun.  We chose to have the ceremony at home.  We met as next door neighbors and started our relationship at Kent’s house so we wanted to celebrate it there too!  It also allowed us to pick all of our favorite drinks and food to serve to our guests.

Our colors were navy and gray (both of our favorites) with a pop of lavender.  We grew lavender in the backyard to accent the hydrangeas already planted to create a natural and beautiful setting for the reception.

For our vendors, we really focused on keeping things local and personal.  The florist we used was the florist where Kent purchased the first bouquet he gave me…and every one after that.  Bloom is a local neighborhood florist literally 3-4 blocks away from us and we were beyond happy with everything that came together for the wedding.  I chose a local print shop for our Save-the-Dates and invitations.  The furniture/event rentals reflected southern, vintage style, which fit into the vibe we wanted for the backyard reception.  We focused on finding a caterer that focused on local ingredients and flavor, and Biscuit Love was the perfect fit.  We also choose to do a cake bar with cakes, cookies, and pastries from our favorite Nashville bakery, Sweet 16th.  For drinks we both chose a white wine and a few beers from our states of origin and then some favorites from here in Nashville.  The guests toasted with bourbon instead of champagne since we both prefer it, and it fit with our local, southern theme.

Do any of your vendors stand out as exceptional?
We loved all of our vendors, but our photographer Erin Lee (with The Collection) really stood out.  Neither one of us are very photogenic or comfortable around cameras, but she and her team captured the day beautifully.  We felt incredibly comfortable around them and they really went above and beyond to get the right shots (even getting soaked in the rain).  I knew I didn't have to worry about that piece of the wedding; she was so incredibly organized and proactive.  You can tell it's something she and her team really enjoy doing.  Those photos will be what we have to remember one of the most important (and favorite!) day of our lives, and I love every single one if them!  I really could not have asked for anything more in a photographer or her team.

What was your (or your guests’) favorite aspect of your wedding?
I think our guests’ favorite aspect reflected their own personal taste: some people loved that we walked out of the ceremony to an acoustic version of “Crazy in Love,” others really loved the food truck or the bourbon toast, and still others loved the personal aspect of our ceremony itself and the gorgeous venue.

Where did you splurge?  Where did you save/DIY?
I knew photography was one of the most important things to me and not something where quality was negotiable.  Other places where we concentrated on quality included our catering and my dress.  We saved on program costs (DIY etsy template) and I did most of the planning myself instead of hiring a planner/event designer.


Now that the wedding day is over, is there anything about your planning process you feel you could have done differently?
Most of the planning I would do exactly the same way.  However, a lot of the details taken care of in the last 3 months could have been scheduled out more instead of trying to get everything done in the last 2 weeks before the wedding.

In one sentence, what words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?
Focus on celebrating the union you are committing to and doing that in a way that is really enjoyable and meaningful to you.


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Signature Cakes by Vicki Never Disappoints with Detailed, Varied Wedding Cakes

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Signature Cakes by Vicki never disappoints us here at  Not only is she incredibly talented, but brides love working with Vicki.  She is easy to talk to and open to any ideas a bride has.  As a bonus, her cakes taste amazing and are always a hit with the wedding guests (I should know; she did my wedding cake!).

Some of her wedding cakes are timeless classics, while others have a modern spin.  Some incorporate soft flowers, favorite Disney characters, or even chevron and polka dots!  These cakes are all different, but reflect the couple and vision of their day.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your wedding cake with Vicki.  Take a look at some of Vicki's recent designs as shared via her Facebook page.

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The Bridal Suite at Saddle Woods Farm, as Styled by Regalo Design

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Regalo Design is committed to helping the bride and groom enjoy their entire experience.  Their planning services start pre-engagement and include a stress-free day.  They were invited to create a dream wedding experience at the debut of Saddle Woods Farm.  Regalo focused on designing an enviable bridal suite that would keep the bride and her party cozy all wedding day long.  Talk about beautiful comfort!

Check out what they did to transform the bride's private space.

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