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frequently asked questions

Got questions? I've got answers.

Question: How is this site different than other wedding sites? was launched in 2007 by me, a Nashville bride. It offers many of the things I sought as I planned, such as:

  • Advice from a bride’s perspective
  • Regular updates and the inside scoop on Nashville bridal events, deals, wedding professionals
  • An exhaustive Nashville wedding vendor directory
  • Focus on Nashville wedding vendors and tips planning a Nashville wedding

Stay tuned…as I add more features, ABG will be the most helpful way to plan your wedding! I welcome your suggestions at anytime.

Question: What do the acronyms mean?

Here are a few that you may see used on ABG:

B2B = bride to be
RB = recent bride
Knotie - member of The Knot
FMIL/FFIL = future mother in law/future father in law
BM = bridesmaid
MOH = maid of honor
MOB/FOB = mother of the bride/father of the bride

Question: What is My Wedding Secretary or MWS?

MWS was the original name of my site. So many folks thought I was a wedding planner that I felt I had to change the name. It was a hard decision to make but I feel better represents what the site offers, a personal guide to Nashville weddings.

Question: Can I really contact you if I need help?

Absolutely. Never plan alone! You can find me on Twitter @weddinggirl; Facebook @ or you can email me.

Question: How can I let others know about your site?

You can start by adding a text or a badge link to my site.  I would greatly appreciate it, it would help others find help and I will also link to you! 

Question: Does ABG accept advertising? How you make money? is a free service for brides, made possible by vendor advertising. Here are our disclosures about those relationships. You should know:

- All other banner ads, vendor listings are paid by the advertiser.
- Advertisers do not influence what I write. If I like something, I am going to promote it whether I am paid or not. If I am not familiar with something that an advertiser/non-advertiser alerts me to (from service, event, product) I will present the information to the reader as info and not as fact.
- I always recommend continued research on any vendor/venue before hiring. My site is for information only. I share new finds, new venues, neat services and products - from my advertisers and non-advertisers. If it’s neat and would be of interest to someone planning a Nashville wedding, I will share it. It may not be right for everyone but it is up to the consumer to be diligent to interview, ask around before hiring.
- Some events are paid to be listed, others are not. It varies.
- I will NEVER knowingly promote, introduce or endorse ANY vendor/product of inferior quality.
- All ABG vendors are required to sign a contract that states that will be removed from ABG after 3 written bride complaints. If you have a grievance, please contact the Better Business Bureau. If the matter is not resolved, email me in writing and it will be shared with and included in the vendor’s file. Why are 3 complaints needed? We like to be fair. One negative experience could be a style/preference/isolated miscommunication issue. After 3, we deem the service to be poor consistently.
- I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books I like and think you might.
- In rare posts, I place Google Adsense ads which displays something they think you might like.
- At any time, feel free to email me if there are questions about my experience with a vendor. I will do my best to share all that I know.