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about nashville bride guide

Alyssa - Owner + Blogger

After years of blogging for both Nashville businesses and my own personal blogs, I’m overjoyed to bring you new content 5 days a week on Nashvlile Bride Guide! In the past, I’ve worked with various brands bringing them extensive exposure - and back in 2008, one of those brands was Nashville Bride Guide. My long-time knowledge of the blog as an employee and client has led me to the point of taking ownership of the blog in 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m originally from the Chicago area, but Nashville has been my home base for 9 years and it’s since given me an eye for design and cutting-edge trends in the local wedding industry. My experience in marketing and design at a leading Nashville rental company brings a fresh new perspective to the blog and a well-rounded understanding of what Nashville brides want. I also hold the role of Vice President for the Tennessee Wedding and Event Specialists Association (TWESA). 

In my free time I like to hike, craft, go to shows, root for the Blackhawks and visit family with my husband and daughter, Hollyn.


Ashley - Founder + Blogger

I created (formerly Ashley's Bride Guide) to help you plan your Nashville wedding. For years, there wasn’t a single resource that placed ALL of the information on Nashville weddings in one helpful place. Yeah - there was The Knot, Wedding Channel and other online resources, but they were more inspiration than a “go-to” resource for Nashville weddings.

So, here it is - my labor of love. I hope it is helpful. And, if it’s not - tell me what should be added. Oh - keep in mind - this site is 100% focused on Nashville weddings, local resources and what matters to the Nashville bride. So, if you are looking for 10 ways to tell your bridesmaid she’s fired - visit The Knot. If you are looking for the best events, vendors and venues for Nashville brides - this is the spot!

Oh - and when you find a vendor or venue, please support us by letting them know you found them here.:)

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  • Please note, if I like something, I am going to share it with you, whether I am paid or not. Many times, it is after I mention that a company is a favorite that the advertiser contacts me and then wants to advertise.
  • If I am not familiar with something that an advertiser/non-advertiser alerts me to (from service, event, product) I will present the information to the reader as info and not first hand experience.
  • With NBG and any other hiring/purchasing decision, I recommend diligent research. Please ask around, interview them thoroughly and really review their portfolio for consistency in quality and service. My site is a starting point only.
  • I share new finds, new venues, neat services and products - from my advertisers and non-advertisers. If it’s neat and would be of interest to someone planning a Nashville wedding, I will share it. It may not be right for everyone but it is up to the consumer to be diligent to interview, ask around before hiring.
  • Some events are paid to be listed, others are not. It varies.
  • I will NEVER knowingly promote, introduce or endorse ANY vendor/product of inferior quality.
  • All NBG vendors are required to sign a contract that states that they will be removed from NBG after 3 valid, written bride complaints. If you have a grievance, please contact the Better Business Bureau. If the matter is not resolved, email me in writing and it will be shared with and included in the vendor’s file. After 3 complaints, the vendor will be removed from the website. Why are 3 complaints needed? We like to be fair. One negative experience could be a style/preference/isolated miscommunication issue. After 3, we deem the service to be poor consistently.
  • When I host NBG events for brides, I invite my advertisers (and sometimes non-advertisers) to participate so they can showcase their products and services to you first hand. Since my site isn’t a bridal show (where you can touch, taste), we see this as a great way for you to sample them for free. For example, the event is usually planned by an NBG planner to show you her services. The event is photographed by an NBG photographer to show you his services. The event might be catered by a Nashville wedding caterer to showcase her services.
  • When I attend bridal shows, I often receive free admission so that I can find great wedding services and goodies for you.
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  • I will never say I like something that I don’t.
  • In rare posts, I place Google Adsense ads which displays something Google thinks you might like. If you click, I receive a couple of cents for that too.
  • NBG's A-list of the Best of Nashville Weddings was a survey of brides, grooms and others who helped plan Nashville weddings in 2007/2008. No advertiser was selected based on their affiliation with NBG. All winners were based on votes from real couples and their families. While some advertisers were voted “best” there was no exchange of payment to be named such and no payments were received from any winner pre/post contest.
  • At any time, feel free to email me if there are questions about my experience with a vendor. I will do my best to share all that I know.