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Elizabeth + Casey’s Glamorous Wedding in the Woods by Chad Erickson Photography

Friday, May 19, 2017

Geometric shapes, geodes + jewel tones are all the rage which is why I'm SO excited to share Elizabeth + Casey's wedding with you today! Devon of Meet Cute Event Planning helped design the couple's day to fit their modern aesthetic into a woodsy setting. And adding a little sparkle never hurt anyone! :) I am in awe of Elizabeth + Casey's DIY geometric installations hanging from the ceiling and next to their sweetheart table! Can I just have some for my house? Their love showed through in every moment captured by photographer Chad Erickson. And their adventurous spirit was so beautifully displayed when they suggested to stand on a cliff for a wedding photo! Check out all their photos below as well as exerpts from Chad about what it felt like to photograph this beautiful day...

Elizabeth + Casey Potts

Cedars of Lebanon State Park


100 Guests

Wedding Team:

Photographer | Chad Erickson Photography

Event Venue | Cedars of Lebanon

Dress Designer | Essence of Australia

Floral Designer | Import Flowers

Cake Designer | Lindsay Dial

Hair Stylist | Little Rosie and Co

Caterer | Martin's Barbecue

Musicians | Mason Lee

Event Designer | Meet Cute Event Planning

Dress Store | The White Room


Tell us about Elizabeth + Casey!

Chad: The couple were best friends before they started dating. They met at a camp after a time apart and started up a romantic relationship. As camp was a big part of their story, they decided on an outdoor wedding at a state park they loved.

Tell us about their vision!

Chad: Devon of Meet Cute Event Planning described the wedding as a "glamorous wedding in the woods". They wanted to keep it intimate with a heavy focus on the natural surroundings.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Chad: Devon's idea was to use a variety of metals and geometric shapes and themes to bring a bit of sparkle to the golden Tennessee fall atmosphere. "A night to shine for this couple who brighten each other's lives and all those around them!".

What details were used to create the theme?

Chad: Devon used geodes as her main inspiration for color and theme. The groom, Casey, spent weeks in advance building the wooden cube and geometric shapes that were used as table decorations as well as the giant hanging art installation that hung above the cake.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Chad: I knew they were an adventurous couple, but I didn't realize how much until they told me they wanted to walk out onto the ledge of a cliff and take pictures. It wasn't super high, but the small size of the ledge combined with the tremendous size of the dress and the fall leaves had me sweating a bit. But they made it with no problems, and we got some great portraits of them.

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Chad: Everything went off without a hitch as far as I can remember. Mostly due to an extraordinary amount of planning and an overall laid back attitude.

Thank you so much for sharing Elizabeth + Casey's wedding with us, Chad! You can find more of Chad Erickson's work here on his website and also be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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ShaveFace: The Perfect Groom + Groomsmen Gifts

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finding that perfect groomsmen gift can be a challenge. You want something that each and every guy - no matter how different they are - will love and enjoy (and actually use!). And what does almost every guy on the planet do? Shave! ShaveFace provides a unique product line of men's shaving and grooming products - from razor accessories to beard oil to shaving cream! So whether your groomsmen are clean cut or scruffy, you'll find something for each and every guy to go gaga over. Want to hear more about ShaveFace and how you can get your hands on some of their products? Read below for our interview with James and see for yourself!

Photos by Sam Frawley

Tell us about your Shave Face + how long you've been in business!

James: ShaveFace is a men's grooming company that specializes in natural and organic men's shaving goods, as well as an accessory (The Strop) that keeps your disposable razors sharp for months -- say goodbye to overpaying for razors. We have been in business for just over two years.

How did you get started in weddings?

James: We actually got started in weddings when one of our friends was getting married and asked if we could custom stamp Strops for his groomsmen. We had never done it before but it was a huge success. Now we can include our ShaveCare (Shave & Beard Oil, ShaveCream, Aftershave Balm) in groomsmen packages for a customized gift.

Photo by Sam Frawley

Photo by James O'Brien

What's the philosophy behind Shave Face?

James: Shaving should be simple, healthy, and enjoyable. And it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We use simple, straightforward ingredients, for the best shave out there.

What are your strengths compared to others men's shaving products?

James: Our products are designed to give you all the benefits of a rigorous skin care routine, without adding extra steps to your daily regimen. The idea is that, as you use our products, they are able to simultaneously give you a great shave as well as treat, hydrate and protect your skin for the day or night ahead. When it comes to The Strop-- we are the only company that makes a denim sharpening Strop (think old school leather strops that barbers would use for their straight razors) for disposable razor cartridges (Gillette, Dollar Shave Club, etc).

Photos by Sam Frawley

What attracts grooms/groomsmen to your business?

James: We have a unique, classy set of products that they have usually never seen anywhere else. Not to mention, they can be customized and they are functional within their day to day lives (as opposed to a cigar cutter or lighter etc).

What is trending lately in your area of focus?

James: Our products make for a fun, new gift that promotes health and wellness. Not to mention, when gifting ShaveFace sets, it gives the groomsmen a set of products to use on the wedding day -- so there's no excuse for the men in the wedding party to look anything other than their best. ; )

Photo by Jason Myers

Photo by James O'Brien

Thanks so much for sharing all about your company with us, James! You can check out all of the ShaveFace products here on their website. Plus, if you're out and about shopping locally, you can check them out at men's custom suit shop, Alton Lane! And be sure to hop over to their Instagram page and give them a follow!

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Paperkuts Studio on Money Saving Tips for Wedding Stationery

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wedding invitations are your guests' first impression of your wedding. And this is why having a great stationer to work with is key! Kim with Paperkuts Studio is a great source for all things wedding paper goods. From personalized invitations to place cards to menu cards, Kim can create custom designs specific to your wants and needs for your wedding. She even created all of these gorgeous invitations, place cards + menu cards for our greenery themed table scape on Today in Nashville! But here's where it gets a little tricky with invitations and paper goods - pricing. How much should you be spending on your invitations? Kim breaks it down and gets real with us on the numbers of how much your invitations should cost. Keep reading below to get her take on the cost of your wedding invitations...

How much do you recommend couples spending on wedding stationery? 

Kim: That is the top question from brides as they begin their search for wedding invitations - and it's the hardest to answer! The statistics show that the average wedding costs around $30,000 and your budget should be 2-3% for stationery. That’s $600-$900 and yes, that’s a lot of money, but most often, not enough. Realistically, you should budget 4-8% or more and that’s $1,500-$1,800 based on the average wedding cost.

What are the must have stationery pieces for a wedding? (Save the dates, invites, RSVPs, thank you notes, etc.)

Kim: The must haves for your wedding invitation suite are two items: your invitation and RSVP. But it totally depends on your vision. Most brides will send save the dates about a year in advance, especially if they are planning a destination wedding or expect a lot of out of town guests.  From there, you can add a reception card, accommodations card, directions card, website card, etc.  Along with your invitation and RSVP, the next must have is your thank you cards.  Order early and have them available as you receive gifts.  This will lighten the load!

How can couples save money on their wedding stationery?

Kim: As always, your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. Couples can save money by setting a realistic budget and assessing their needs. Ensuring your guest list is accurate and  confirming that the information on the invitation is correct (location, time, names) is crucial. The worst thing is to re-order paper because of an error like that! Also, understanding that all of those bells and whistles have a price tag associated with them is important. And if you are a DIY’er, totally go for it! 

What is your best money saving tip for couples searching for wedding stationery?

Kim: The best money saving tip is to stick with your budget. I am the classic, “Bologna budget, Caviar taste!” Invitations are like everything else, you get what you pay for. Let your stationer know what your budget is, the number of invitations that you need and what message you want to convey.  Nothing hurts my heart more than when a bride loves the caviar selection, but it isn’t within her budget. Don’t even look at those types of selections because nothing else will compare and you will never be fully satisfied.  

Any other tips/comments you may have?

Kim: Be open to ‘tweaking’ the invitation you originally found on ebay or Pinterest!  The majority of those invites are custom and custom costs money. Most of all, relax, savor the moments and enjoy!

Thanks so much for sharing all of your insight with us, Kim! Want to see more of Kim's work? Check out the Paperkuts Studio website here and also see more of her work on Instagram here!

All photos by Jenna Henderson

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And How! Imaging: Embracing Unique Nashville Wedding Photography

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Capturing the emotion + personality in your wedding is essential. And sometimes finding a photographer who can do that along with being personable AND professional be can be a tough find! But let me introduce you to Amy + Chuck of And How! Imagaing. This couple brings their own unique style and personality to your big day and will understand YOU as a couple first and foremost. So I've had the privilege of interviewing Amy about their photography business below! I absolutely love Amy's quote "So yeah- all you dreamers, adventurers, weirdos, puppy love addicts, and brave hearts- we see you. We get you. We LOVE to work with you." This seriously makes me smile every time I read it and it fully describes their unique sense of humor and personality that shows through in their beautiful photography. Without further ado, I'll hand it over to Amy!

Tell us about your company + how long you've been in business.

Amy: While in school working toward a fine art degree, I decided to add a photography class into my schedule and within only a couple weeks I could feel myself falling in love with it. Things just blossomed from there! It lit a fire in me, and I knew this was what I wanted to devote my time and passion to. My obsession began to rub off on my husband, Chuck, and he started learning right along side of me. That journey started seven years ago, and we now have been running our business together for five years. We live in Gallatin, TN, and photograph weddings and boudoir sessions in Nashville and all throughout Middle Tennessee.

How did you get started in weddings?

Amy: It actually all started with my childhood best friend! We grew up together and had always been like sisters- so when I moved to Tennessee, and she moved to Arizona, it was hard. But one day she called me and told me she was engaged, and that I had to come, and that she wanted me to photograph her wedding! Chuck had also grown up with her. (Fun fact- Chuck and I actually have known each other and have been friends since we were about six!) Of course we said yes! Experiencing the feeling of capturing such real and beautiful emotions, moments in peoples lives that you know they will always want to remember, and being able to preserve those for them- we knew we had to keep doing this. And man, let me tell you- that feeling never gets old!

What's the philosophy behind And How! Imaging?

Amy: We love helping to tell a couple's story- that unique and beautiful connection that ties you and your love together. We believe that story deserves to be told, and are passionate about creating photos that capture it. From your engagement, to your wedding, and then the day after- we want to help you be able to go back and experience all of those emotions and beauty from your entire journey together again and again through your photos. And not just through some digital file on a computer screen, but by custom made albums. Even fifty years after your wedding, you can still sit with the ones you love, flip through the pages, and feel all of those emotions again and again.

What are your strengths compared to other photographers?

Amy: I feel that our strengths really lie in the ability to connect with what makes you you, and to show that. We don't go into your wedding knowing nothing about you and take the exact same "cookie-cutter" photos for every single wedding or engagement session we do. We take the time to know you, to talk to you, to understand what makes you you, and what makes your relationship tick. Then we can come to your engagement session and wedding with that knowledge and capture it and you authentically- all while having a ton of fun. Even clients that tell us that they normally hate having their photo taken, or that they were nervous about it, end up having a blast, and consistently tell us how much fun they had by the end of it. We are super laid back people, and will most likely have some sort of inside joke that we will all be laughing about together by the time we get to your wedding! We love the fact that many of our clients have become our good friends.

What attracts brides to your work?

Amy: I feel that brides are often attracted to our business because of our distinct style, and our ability to understand theirs. It's like when you meet someone new at a party- you dig their style, so you start chatting. Then you find out that they are also addicted to Doctor Who as well, that their favorite place to travel to is also Joshua Tree, that they also have dachshunds and are equally obsessed with them as you are. You leave that party with a new best friend, because they get you- they connect with you. So yeah- all you dreamers, adventurers, weirdos, puppy love addicts, and brave hearts- we see you. We get you. We LOVE to work with you.

What are some trends you're seeing in wedding photography?

Amy: I feel that brides and grooms really do appreciate the fact that we are tapped into current styles and trends, and will understand what they are going for. At the same time- we will also make sure their images will stand the test of time, and that they won't cringe at them 20 years down the road like an 80's prom photo, ha! Another thing that I think is appreciated is that we are full service photographers, and don't just drop a ton of digital files in their lap and say "see ya!" While we do always include digital files, we also take the time to work with them after the wedding to get their images off their computer and into their hands and homes. Our design service for album, prints, and wall art is always complementary, and we love being able to offer a full service and whole product that they and their family can enjoy for years and years to come.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about And How! Imaging?

Amy: We've had the pleasure to work with so many amazing couples over the course of our five years in business. We can handle whatever you have to throw our way with our experience and skill set. You can rest assured in knowing that you are hiring true professionals, and not someone who is "a friend of a friend with a camera." Chuck and I work together to capture all the elements of your wedding day as it unfolds. We give you our full attention and are very organized. We are assertive when needed to help assist you in staying on schedule (without being pushy), and always have your back.

Thank you so much for sharing all about your business with us, Amy! You can find more of And How! Imaging's work on their website here and also here on Instagram

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Heather + Jared’s Nashville, TN Brunch Wedding at The Listening Room Cafe

Monday, May 15, 2017

We all know how HUGE brunch is here in Nashville, TN. On any given Saturday or Sunday late morning, it's almost impossible to find a table at any local restaurant for a delicious brunch meal. So when it came down to planning their wedding, Jared + Heather decided to give the brunch theme a go! The couple along with their planner Details by Margaret incorporated personalized touches throughout the day as well. Honoring Heather's late father by carrying his police badge down the aisle was one of the most special moments of the day. The bright blue hues were perfect for a daytime wedding and the couple's dog even made an appearance! Take a look at all the gorgeous photos from Tracye's Photography and hear their story from her perspective behind the lens...


Heather + Jared Petry

Listening Room Cafe


Wedding Team:

Photographer | Tracye's Photography

Planning + Florals | Details by Margaret

Venue | The Listening Room Cafe

Cake | Dulce Desserts

Music | Bay Brooks

DJ | 3rd Coast Entertainment

Suit | Street Tuxedo

Tell us about the couple!

Tracye: Heather is from Valdosta, Ga. and she met Jared in Nashville. I actually shot their proposals photos as well! You can check them out here to see more of their story! 

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Tracye: It was a brunch wedding. Since brunch is such a big deal in Nashville they thought it would be a great plan for their wedding!

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Tracye: Heather's father was a police officer and she lost him years ago. She carried his badge and Jared wore one of his watches. Heather's two nieces walked her down the aisle and Jared's niece walked him down the aisle. They rented a blue Jaguar to leave the reception in and we went to the park for more pictures. 

Thank you so much for sharing Heather + Jared's gorgeous photos with us, Tracye! You can check out more of Tracye's Photography here on her website and also here on her Instagram page. And a special shout out to Details by Margaret for planning an awesome brunch wedding! 


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